#How To Become An E-commerce Merchant To Generate Passive Income

 You learn about one of the easiest ways to generate passive income i.e. becoming an e-commerce merchant .For this , you don’t have to be much technology –oriented; you only need to start a basic e-commerce website.

         You need to follow only four steps to become an e-commerce website.These steps are-

#1-Valid product idea :-

     The first step is to bring a valid product idea. Productis something that fulfills a particular need of the customers.


              *You wake up in the morning and want to brush your teeth . For this you will require

                  two products –toothpaste and toothbrush.

              *For bathing you need another product i.e.soap to take  the bath .

               *Similiarly ,clothes and shoes are also products.

A person uses multiple types of products in his daily life such as clothing ,accessories ,watches ,shoes ,toothpaste ,soap or shampoo etc.

             There are many big companies such as Pepsi, Cocacola and FMCG (Fast –Moving Consumer Goods) Companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited ETC.


                              Once you made your product you need to check whether people are easily ready to pay you even before the product launched .


                *If you had made a complete prepare a healthy juices assortment  then you check

                  people to prepay for this product .

                 *If customer is ready to pay you then your product is super successful.


                            After validating your product and identifying that people are ready to prepay for  it ,now you need to produce your product.and create a supply chain of your product.


                         Now , you  have made your final product and it is ready to market .Once your product is ready , you should start offering it to your customer.

There are two ways to market your product –

#1- Online Websites:-

*You can use online websites such as Shoptwist ,Amazon etc. to sell your products. They have their channels.

You can tie up with these platforms and pay them a commission for selling your product.

#2-Affiliate Marketing:-

*This is much better way than online websites.

*Affiliates will be the experts of your products.They have their channels.

*They recommend and promote your product on their channels by doing various activities.

Once your supply chain and selling network is established ,you do not need to do anything. The system will automatically work and you will start earning passive income.

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